There are some who think they know everything and then there are others who do know everything…Ms Lippie lingers perilously between both. With a (some may say rather strong) opinion on just about everything – from being a single mum to giving out your number when you’re blind drunk in a bar, when you’re too old for coloured jeans and why not to propose in a food court – Ms Lippie gives a (somewhat bright) insight into everyday life. So, right or wrong, everyone should be able to express their opinion (and cast the odd judgement as they see fit). Here you’ll find stuff about everything. It’s motherhood, it’s stuff you watch on the news, it’s singledom, it’s friends (sometimes it might be foes but we’ll try not to dwell on them) it’s reading, it’s fashion, it’s beauty but most of all…it’s a frolicking good larf! Having been a journo for the best part of 17 years (yes, I did start when I was 10, sort of like a media Douggie Howser) and ever since, I’ve been getting into every goddamn nook and cranny of the media – in magazines, in radio, in newspapers and a teeny weeny (okay, so it was a very brief) dabble in tele. This former Kiwi blogger’s passion lies in editing (which coincidentally is also what she’s been doing for the past 10 years on mags like Ralph and Girlfriend) in between having a child, in between moving countries and in between going through what was the blackest most deepest darkest period of her life. Anyway, good times, my lippers…I hope you enjoy and I’d love your feedback…(but only if it’s nice things you’ve got to say).

Love, as always, MsLippie xoxo


One response to “About

  1. Shanelle

    Can’t wait for my lips to be glossed tomorrow. Good on ya Ms Lippie. Here’s one for the girls x.x.x.

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